High temperature flow reactor system


Microflow CVO tubular reactor systems are ideal for conducting high temperature flow chemistry reactions.  The TRS-40-18 reactor has 40 feet of 1/8” OD, 0.105” ID, SS316L tubing wound around a resistively heated core specially designed to ensure good thermal contact.  The core is well insulated, ensuring uniform temperature in the tubing at operation temperatures up to 400°C.

A Cybertherm Mini Process Limit Control Console provides process temperature control as well as over-temperature protection.

The 120VAC model provides 500W of power, enough for heat up from room temperature to 350°C at flow rates up to 25 ml/min.  The 240VAC option provides 2000W of power, enough for heat up of flow rates up to 100 ml/min.

Microflow CVO’s tubular reactor systems are compact in size, easily fitting on your laboratory benchtop or in a fume hood.


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